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Beyond our standard business operation we solve difficulties faced by importers in sourcing high quality apparel. With our expertise and proficiency, we offer quality in product and services to our customers. We export and supply a wide range of knit and woven items. We efficiently manage all aspects of a client’s buying operations. Our range of specialized services includes: Assessing factories in terms of - product range, quality of the products, production capacity, facilities, financial capability, technology orientation, man power, working conditions, managerial efficiency and the overall quality policy. We have regular update mechanism to principals.

Global Smart Sourcing

Selection of capable factories. We serve by BSCI, Oekotex, WRAP, ISO, SOCAM, SEDEX certified factories based on buyers requirements. Our pool has forty two (42) factories including our own knit, woven, washing, printing, embroidery, trims & accessories units.

Sample Development-Order Execution

Samples are developed based on any requirement of buyers. Samples in quantities are manufactured as required by our customers. This essential service of ours helps sharpen the marketing efforts of our buyers by giving them an edge over their competition.

Awesome Support

Highly experienced professionals covered by superb advisor team on top. Well ogranised departments to serve most competitive price, product re-engineering, shorter lead time, one stop service for multiple products, access to product and market intelligence.

Quality Management and Status Reporting

Strict controls over the mass goods quality; thorough inspection in the process of knitting, dying, making, packing and shipping; status reporting of fabric and accessories arrival,visual control of fabrics: weight, color, handfeel; forecast of production; checking style feasibility; proactive issue and reporting results cheking.


We have our individual merchandising team based on specific products. Each team has a specialised team leader headed by a manager supported by merchandisers. They are the functional merchandisers backed by technical manager equipped with CAD support and in-house sampling section.

Documentation and Shipping

Requisition report, Production progress, Report analysis and action taking as per standards and requirements of buyers. Shipping documents are checked as per the buyer’s instruction and the copy documents are sent to buyers well in advance of the shipment to avoid any discrepancies.

About us

Fashion Dcotra is the well reputed apparel trading and buying house along with the full co-operation with our own garments manufacturing & exporting unit and smart collaboration of outsourced factories over here in Bangladesh and internationally.

Along with a group of experts, dedicated staffs under supervision of highly professional personals Dcotra has state of the art service. Our services include all that a buyer needs for successful buying. Our objective is to provide total customer satisfaction by offering a range of quality garments at our reasonable prices. We welcome customers from all parts of the world.

We are expert in Circular knitted, Flat knit, Woven, Caps, Towels, Uniform, Children wear, Fleece Jackets, Sweaters, Sports wear, Night wear, Polyester jersey, Functional items etc.

Dcotra practises a strong sourcing of factories for Garments, Knitting, Weaving, Washing, Dying, Printing, Embroidery, Trims and Accessories. Our Sourcing teams always look for new companies with capability and certificattion. we already have premium contact with more than 39 different manufacturers.

Smart Sourcing


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Our Portfolio

A few of many items within our expertise are: Circular knitted (t-shirt, polo shirt, tank top, ladies blouse, fleece, polar fleece); Flat knit (sweater 3gg to 12gg); Woven (shirt, pants, shorts); Caps and Hats; Home textiles (household textiles, towel, kitchen wear); Uniform; Children wear; Fleece jackets; Sweat shirt; Sports wear; Night wear; Polyester jersey; Functional items etc.

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Sports Wear


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Night Wear


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Towels and Wipes

Hygiene Clean Comfort

The Team

An innovative management module has been in practise here. We are an industry leader working with a set of inspired people undercover with a pannel of advisors who already achieved enormous quality of knowledge and expertise. This is what we deployed to deliver fashionable products and services at highest quality level to
our customers worldwide.

Abul Kalam Azad

Chief Advisor

Director-Operation, Nafisa International (bd) Limited, 25 years in Buying house operation. He has a wide variety of knowledge in apparel around the world.

Mir Mohsin Hossain


First Vice President, The City Bank Ltd., He has long experience of 26 years in banking technology. He is the specialist for banking and commercial issues.

Harun Ur Rashid

Advisor-Knit and Woven

Managing Director, Skylerk Knit Composite Ltd., 21 years in knit and woven manufacturing. He is apparel boss for EU and Asian Market.

Ashraful Haque

Advisor- Marchandising

Head of Merchandising, TMS, 21 years of experience in sourcing locally and internationally. He is alone a source force for anything apparel.


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Wet & Dry Process Plants


Fabrics Sourcing


Logistics & Shipping

Our History

Having the right people in right place supporting our customers with product as well as local know-how is the result of carefully developing our corporate culture. Our commitment to serve the best every day is the result of passion. We elevate ourselves with continuous learning and an open, respectful spirit.
Serving fashion and apparel businesses worlwide is our motto. Apparel Dcotra and Dignity Fashion are our own two knit garments manufacturing units boost our client support to the next level. More are in pipeline.

Fashion Dcotra


As a global corporate citizen, Dcotra has responsibly ensured that business objectives & practices are aligned to create a positive impact for our world-wide supply chain & the surrounding environment. Dcotra works for protecting health, education, safety and fundamental rights of humans & nature. Acting beyond business and giving back. We serve the wellbeing of people.

..Dcotra offers 001% of order amount to be donated to people who needs clothing..

Social Compliance

Social compliance is a legal requirement which takes into account minimum labour standards, occupational safety measure and environmental concern. Dcotra is obliged to comply with the National Labour Law and if any additional requirement from buyer.

Fashion Dcotra is committed to ethical and sustainable sourcing in every aspect of operations. All production suppliers are also required to achieve and maintain both Dcotra corporate certifications and those of the individual customers.


Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program is the mechanism by which we execute rigorous supplier certifications, coaching/mentoring, proprietary audits and unannounced monitoring.

Through the combined efforts of our comprehensive CSR program, implementation of the United Nations Global Compact 10 Guiding Principles, and customer requirements, we ensure that all facets of our supplier network support and uphold human rights to fullest extent possible.

Global Policy

Proactively and as per Buyers' requirement, Dcotra audits its Suppliers' facilities to ensure they pass their Social Compliance policy which includes-

Health and safety procedures.. Zero tolerance for child, prison or forced labor.. Standard working, dinning and sanitation facilities.. Minimum wages as per the country's norms.. Working hours to conform labor laws.. Adequate and updated fire safety system.. Training of employees to handle firefighting equipment in case of emergencies.

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